An artistic chaos!

Presented by FRA!


Well,i call it chaos only because ‘artistic doodling’ is such a mix-up form of illustrating diverse aspects at the same time on a single canvas. Probably every person is a doodler with their scribbles and limited drawing skills during  long telephone conversations or while attending a boring class, the only thing that would cheer you up is by making cartoon versions of teachers.Having said that these doodlers when channelize this art in themselves in the right direction become great illustrators in future.

One of them is Francesco Caporale. Born and raised in Altomonte, Cosenza, after studying Graphic Design & Art Direction at NABA who reinterprets doodle art as “Art of Error”. A creative exercise in which one flows away by one’s imagination without the fear of making mistakes. He was the protagonist of the first event of Ap (art) ment in one of the apartment in Loreto where he depicted his clients “chaos” in an artistic form to give a subtle colored doodling displaying a story and beautiful experiences of their lives.

FRA! an Italian word that means “between” becomes a beautiful expression to describe his version of non verbal language between art and communication.

Today each one of us has captured a chaos of memories ranging from exploration during travels, interactions with people and things, diverse experiences with cultures and tastes of different parts of the world, that we want to print it out like photographs to relive those moments. This doodle art becomes a perfect solution to paint your home with colourful memories.




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7 Maggio 2018